CCS attended the T&CW, organized by Unindustria Lazio (Union of Entrepreneurs of Rome and Latium).


It was held in Rome from November 18th to November 22nd 2013.
On November 20th, Massimo Carosella, CEO of CCS, held a lecture about

How to measure the ROI (Return on Investment) of an ethically and socially responsible business conduct”.

The actual problem when starting or planning a CSR initiative is “What will its impact be in financial terms?” or “If I start an initiative, what will its return be in terms of marketing? And of revenues?”
The answer is in a strategic vision when designing CSR-oriented business models.
From the integration of GRC methodologies and performance analysis models a definitely original framework shows up which allows the user to proactively measure and monitor the return of initiatives oriented to a responsible and sustainable business conduct”.